Goshen – Camp Bowman June 2019

GT-128 went to summer camp at Goshen’s Camp Bowman. Going with a group of people that you only meet once a week is a huge deal. We had the chance to have a lot of bonding time and do activities that required all of us working together. Activities such as building a fire, going on a course with a compass and a map, and many more. Cheering each other on and working together was a very memorable experience.

Now you may ask, what do you do in your first year at Goshen? Well there is an amazing first year program called Bowman Brigade, where you got to do three merit badges and a lot of other fun activities including rank requirements and Totin’ Chip. One of the three merit badges we earned, which was eagle required, was swimming. This was done in the lake and we had a lot of fun doing it. We had to obviously do the requirements, but while doing them, we worked with each other when required and cheered on each other to do better.

Our troop is very caring and cooperative with each other. We’re always pushing each other even when we aren’t feeling well. This was shown a lot at Goshen, but all of us had a positive attitude. We went on a five mile hike where we had gotten lost for a little bit, but nobody lost their cool. Telling each other that we are fine throughout the whole experience helped all of us and kept us going. Summer camp had also helped scouts get a lot of requirements signed off. Goshen was a true experience that had really tested our scout skills while making it very fun.