Pohick Bay Campout November 2020

On November 7th, 2020, Girls Troop 128 camped overnight at Camp Wilson in Pohick Bay, Virginia. Though COVID may have been keeping us distanced, we still found ways to safely stay apart…but still together. On this campout we not only participated in activities, but we bonded while doing them, and made sure to have lots of fun! 

When we first arrived to set up camp, another troop had mistakenly set up their camp on our site. We undertook some problem solving, and found a solution until everything was fixed, and we were all ready for a fun day, and night ahead. 

We kicked off the campout with a troop hike on the Red Shore Trail. The fall colored leaves made everything look so beautiful, I remember a few places I wished I had a camera to take such a lovely picture with. Probably the best part of the hike, although it is hard to beat the magnificent weather and sights, was spending time together, and getting to talk. The 4.4 mile hike went by so quickly due to the fun we had.

There were many patrol activities on our campout, such as cooking, and just spending time together, but also a few troop activities. Towards the evening we also talked for a while, played cards, then had some fun teaching each other card tricks, and bonding over laughter. As a troop we made a pile of leaves, and scouts took turns jumping in it, and building it back up. At the end of the day, we also gathered around the fire and not only enjoyed the company and warmth of each other, but also s’mores while we talked late into the night. That is, until the adult leaders told us we had to hush. We all chipped in to keep the fire going, so it didn’t die, and worked hard to keep its light burning. 

We ate lots of delicious foods prepared by patrol cooks. The Fire Breathing Goats had savory sandwiches for lunch, fantastic soft tacos with black beans for dinner, and oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast. That was prepared by our cook for the campout, Eleanor. The Fiery Phoenixes made PB&J (or hummus/ other toppings) for lunch, what smelled like spectacular pasta for dinner, and yummy muffins for breakfast, which was done by Arya, the Fiery Phoenix’s Patrol cook for this outing.

After breakfast the campout sadly ended, and I was disappointed by that. But I wasn’t too worried, I knew we would soon do another fun activity in Scouts.